(And it helps provide clean water to someone in need) 

How It Works

When you join our subscription you will receive a monthly box of carefully selected coffee beans from around the world.  Each month features a different origin of coffee that is roasted to perfection along with the story of where it came from, its tasting notes and how you also helped supply someone with clean drinking water. Choose between one or two 12 ounce bags per month.

Step 1

choose a size

Choose between a box of one or two 12 ounce bags of fresh roasted specialty coffee beans shipped on the 4th of every month.

Step 2

drink coffee

Each month you'll learn about the growers of the coffee along with the region, tasting notes and roasting profile.

Step 3

give back

Each bag of coffee you buy gives a person clean drinking water for two years!  A year subscription gives a person clean water for a lifetime!

#domorewithyourmorning and be a world changer!

By subscribing to Thirst Project Coffee you are not only enjoying great tasting coffee every morning, you are helping someone in need. Through our partnership with Thirst Project we are able to help fund water projects in a developing country. Each monthly subscription is able to provide a person clean drinking water for two years while a YEAR subscription provides a person clean drinking water for a lifetime! 

Not to mention you get to enjoy award winning craft roasted coffee at the same time! Win-Win!

#domorewithyourmorning with a coffee subscription that gives back clean water to those in need through our partner the Thirst Project.